Happy Birthday

The weather today has been pretty poor, with the the wind still blowing hard, a steady rain and few lifts open.  Only three lifts in fact, excluding the railway.  Arven, Bumps T bar and Inner Wengen were operating and the fare on offer was pretty limited.

For the Idle Skier, Arven was nerve shredding.  It was very windy at the top and it seemed the lift might close at any minute. If I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, the game would be afoot so far as making the train for Zurich airport was concerned.

Accordingly, a second outbreak of common sense this season saw me heading towards Wengen sooner rather than later.  Bumps T bar was crowded with ski club racers, so no respite there and it was on to Inner Wengen.  The World Cup slalom run was empty, for good reason it turned out, being populated entirely by frozen moguls.  Time was running short anyway, so after a couple of runs it was back to the village.

Anyone not skiing today and, let’s say, celebrating a birthday instead, would be having a far better time.  Happy Birthday, therefore, to the birthday girl, the Idle Skiers hope it is a great one.

Fifty today

A windy struggle around the mountain, without any birthday celebrations, brought 2,396 vertical metres in ten lift rides and 17 kilometres travelled.

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