Not talking about the weather

Looking back, it seems this blog has been dominated recently by talk of the weather.  I would try to avoid the subject, but if you ski here (or anywhere for that matter) it tends to be a large part of everyday life.

I will try to talk about other things for a while though, with just a final photograph of a wind swept hill.

Top of  Wixi this morning

It was quiet today (nothing to do with the weather, I am sure) but the village was busy this evening after a low key week.  All the mid-winter holidays are over I think.  With a late Easter, this is one of the last few weeks when the hotels and bars can turn a decent profit.

Almost before we know it, the cable car will be closed and not long after that probably, there will be one train an hour to Kleine Scheidegg.  For the ski tourers, it is the start of the season, but that is way above my pay grade, so it is time to make the most of the last of the season on piste.

A day without queues, but few open lifts, brought 6,470 vertical metres in 14 lift rides and 31 kilometres travelled.

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