I resolved not to talk about the weather for a while, but that resolve has been beaten already. On days like today, it is impossible to ignore the elements.

On a tight schedule, as is almost always the case on a Sunday, I caught the first cable car this morning.  Even early on, the signs were not good.  At Kleine Scheidegg, only Arven was open.  At Mannlichen, the wind was gusting at the top station of the cable car.

The first few runs were enjoyable nether the less, with crisp March snow and the sun shining.  By mid-morning the wind was picking up and I thought it might be time to get to the top of Gummi, which I managed successfully.  However, heading for Arven, I realised that lift was closing, leaving only the train running in the Scheidegg area.

By good chance, I was still above the wood cutters path back to the Tschuggen T bar, where I joined a long queue of people returning to Mannlichen.  Both Lager and the Mannlichen chair were busy and too soon it was time to board a swaying cable car back to the village.

Clouds hurry through the Jungfrau


Mrs IS and our guest went to Kleine Scheidegg this morning and seem to have been blown back to Inner Wengen.  As I near Spiez now, the lake is choppy and the wind steady. After two weeks of travel chaos, I have my fingers crossed (even as I type) that I make it back to London as planned.

Another wind swept day brought 3,183 vertical metres in ten lift rides and 22 kilometres travelled.

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