Skiing at its best

The Idle Skier managed to return to London on Sunday without mishap.  No night at the airport hotel, no diversion to Frankfurt.  Home and hosed by 7.00pm.

Last night’s return was a bit more fraught, allegedly due to heavy incoming traffic at Zurich airport.  You have to wonder about that really, given that the same flights arrive at the same time every day.  Why the sudden rush?  The weather seemed to be calm over most of Europe, so there shouldn’t have been many delayed flights.

Anyway, it was a quick jog through the terminal to catch the last viable train to reach Wengen easily.  Any later and the connections up into the mountains start to be difficult.  Actually, there aren’t any at all to Lauterbrunnen.

Today, the sun shone, it wasn’t too warm, the snow was crisp for most of the day and the skiing was at its best.

From Tschuggen T bar

What’s more it was quiet.  That will probably change this weekend as the locals come up for a last ski before turning their minds to summer sports.

It was a good day to be here, with lunch in the sun (and a quick sleep afterward), but now the day job calls, so I will sign off.

Allowing for a bit of shut eye, the day brought 11,242 vertical metres in 24 lift rides.

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