Pool race again

Some people turned up today.  It wasn’t busy at the cable car just after 9.30am and by 1.00pm, it was very quiet everywhere.  In between, it was as busy as you like and the queue at Lager in particular was just like high season.

This blog has now been around long enough to have some sort of corporate memory. A year ago, the pool race was grey, miserable and pretty much deserted; today the sun shone and a decent crowd watched the day’s events.

Pool race

It was the twentieth anniversary edition of the race and the organisers got what they wanted weather wise after a few poor years. Next year, who knows?  It’s difficult enough to be sure what might happen tomorrow.

Sunday does promise well though, a prospect undermined slightly by a need to do some “real” work.  On the plus side, there is no travelling involved.

The day brought 10,248 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 51 kilometres travelled.


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