Lauberhorn in reverse

Last year’s events keep coming around again.  Yesterday, it was the pool race, today it was the uphill race on the Lauberhorn course.  The name has changed from last year and the format seemed different as well, but is still uphill all the way from the downhill race finish at Innerwengen to the downhill race start at Wixi. The Idle Skiers walk similar hills in the summer, but why walk up when you can ski down?  Someone should start a club.

Going uphill next to Bumps T bar

I haven’t attempted to return to London this week, so the day job has followed me here with a vengance.  In an effort to have a full day’s skiing, I was on the first cable car even though it wasn’t a travelling day.

There, I met an old friend, back after a couple of weeks and keen to be out on the hill.  The Idle Skiers met him first twenty years ago, the year of the big avalanches.  We were all on a train to Grindelwald, where the skiing was still open.  How time flies.

We scooted around  the hill for a few hours and then I left to crank up the office computer.  I have just managed to crank it down again.

An early start with an earlier than normal finish brought 10,356 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 60 kilometres travelled.

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