All quiet on the Wengen front

Someone hung the “do not disturb” sign on the entrance to the cable car this morning, and by and large people took heed.  The hills were quiet yet again and the Idle Skiers made the most of a glorious March day.

Tonight has been another rerun of previous years, with our annual steak and kidney pie bash.  Not all the regulars could make it this time, but a good evening was had by all here I think.  How we started this is lost in the mists of time, but it is pencilled in the diary for next season already.

The Eiger from Wixi

It seems that next season, or the summer at least, is now the focus for most people.  The last few months have been packaged away as a memory.  I mentioned last year how people drift into town as winter comes.  At this time of year, they just disappear without trace, like snow on a warm day, to reappear hopefully in a few months time.

Is the season over?  I thought so a few days ago and anyone skiing this morning would think so as well.  The snow is still first rate though and with the weather set fair, we will have probably a last hurrah of weekenders and day trippers over the next couple of days.

A sunny Spring day brought 10,938 vertical metres in 24 lift rides and 62 kilometres travelled.  The Idle Skier has passed 600,000 vertical metres for the season, but the last day is in sight now.

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