V bahn

I mentioned the work on new lifts from Grund earlier in the season.  Its all happening apace now. On Mannlichen, the old bubble is enjoying its last few days before taller masts and shiny new cars take over.  The new gondola stations are ready and waiting and its just the finishing touches which are needed.  Next season, the journey from Grund to Mannlichen will be over in the blink of an eye.

Over at Eirgernordwand, the high altitude engineering is entering overdrive.  As the weather improves, the work rate picks up and more and more machinery seems to gather at the top of the hill.

Blue sky framed 

There is some serious engineering still to be done with that machinery and the area around Eigergletscher station looks like several bombs have exploded.  As blasting continues up there, that is not too far from the truth.

At Kleine Scheidegg, a clock ticks down on the intended opening date for this part of the new lift system.   A lot can go wrong in any building project and this one more than most, but somehow I think all involved expect to hit the December 2021 opening date.

Not that my predictions work out for the most part.  Today, I thought we might see some weekenders arriving, but if anything, it was quieter than yesterday.  However, sticking my neck out on this once more, the Idle Skiers have just been for tapas at the Eiger (excellent by the way) and there were large groups of Swiss skiers in the restaurant.  I think an early cable car is needed in the morning.

Another quiet day brought 10,779 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and and 62 kilometres travelled.

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