Yet another local

Ibex are found as symbols on flags most often, but they are around in flesh and blood as well.  There are only a few thousand of them in Switzerland, but the Bernese Oberland has its share of those numbers.

Here’s looking at you

Winter is not the time to find them; in fact, I am not sure that any time of the year is a good time to see them.  That make the chamois seem outgoing and gregarious.

I thought the party animals might turn up today for what has been the last Saturday of the main season. In fact, it wasn’t that busy.  After an early start, I thought I was ahead of the crowd, but it turned out that there wasn’t a crowd at all.

Many of the hotels close their doors in the morning.   The season will tick over for a while longer, but frankly the Ibex, the Chamois and other local recluses such as the badgers could throw a party by the cable car and no one would notice.

Tomorrow is the last day of the season on Mannlichen.  It’s also a travel day and to cap it all, the clocks change tonight.  To borrow a phrase from Zebedee, time for bed.

A day spent keeping ahead of everyone else brought 12,181 vertical metres in 28 lift rides and 62 kilometres travelled.

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