Zurich airport steeplechase

You might think that once in a while, travel plans would do what they are supposed to do and go according to plan.

Last night was my last Zurich bound flight of the season and naively, I thought it might go well.  After all, it is April and the weather should be okay.  It’s not like December.  There was bad weather over France as it turned out, so the flight was very late.

So late that when we touched down, I had about twenty minutes to catch the last connecting train to Wengen, which we would be okay, except we parked out on the apron.  When I reached the terminal, it was less than ten minutes until the train left, so it was the Zurich airport steeplechase, all stragglers and  stray baggage cleared easily.  I won the race to the platform by a short head and made the train with seconds to spare.

In Wengen at close to midnight last night, it was starting to snow.  This morning, it turned out that it had snowed relentlessly through the night and the snow has continued all day.

Above Arven

It seems though that travel is never easy.  There is only the train left operating now and this morning, it didn’t operate at all for a while.  Eventually, my boots clicked into the ski bindings sometime after 11.00am.

It wasn’t an easy day.  The new snow was deep, but slightly stodgy.  The ski back to the village this afternoon seemed to take an eternity in the sticky snow.  It was worth turning up though.

A snowy day brought 5,852 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 38 kilometres travelled.


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