All is done

The Idle Skiers’ season is over and done.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, we are currently at Spiez en route to Zurich.  Its the first time Mrs IS has been below village level for six weeks and the wide, wide world is coming as a bit of a shock to the system.  Tomorrow we will be in the north of England and on Sunday, we will return to London, where the skiing is known to be poor.

Gone again

So this morning, the Idle Skier set off early for one last scoot around the mountain.  It was a wonderful day to ski.  After yesterday’s massive snow fall, the sun shone but it was nicely cold early on; about -5 degrees centigrade at Eigernordwand in fact.

The last run of the season was a solo blast down the racecourse as far as Bumps T bar and then, with the Innerwengen lift now closed, a diversion along the woodland path and back to Wengen.

A sunny finale brought 3,245 vertical metres in nine lift rides and 17 kilometres travelled.

The season’s total figures are 640,380 vertical metres skied in 1,433 lifts rides. The distance travelled has been 3,486 kilometres.

4 thoughts on “All is done

  1. Thanks for all the Wengen ski season updates. It was nice to read about what was going on when we can’t be there so often.


  2. Safe travelsback to blighty, Mr and Mrs Is.
    We’ve just booked for Vald’isere for the 20th for a last blast on the piste.


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