Turned out nice again

Well not really, but I am trying to keep a positive spin on things.

As ever, the weather dominates life here.  On the plus side, definitely, it has snowed on the hill.  On the other hand, at village level, it has rained like Lancashire in November.  Also, the wind has blown yet again.

I am so bemused by the constant howling gale that I am not sure what happened yesterday and what happened today.  I do know that at about 2.30pm this afternoon, several of the few skiers at the top of the Lauberhorn chair were being blown over and were lucky not to be heading for Bern, in the manner of the Start bar roof a few weeks ago.

I was warned at lunchtime, whilst still on Mannlichen, that it would be tricky over at Scheidegg. I am afraid I didn’t listen to the advice.

Few options

The photograph was taken in the relative calm of yesterday afternoon. There were not any chairs on Honegg this afternoon.

So to finish with that positive spin, whilst the weather doesn’t look great for tomorrow my weather app is showing some sunshine for Thursday.

Merry Christmas everyone.




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