You are my sunshine

When the Idle Skiers woke this morning, the sky was clear and it promised to be a wonderful day.  Having checked under the tree to ensure Father Christmas had made it to Wengen (he had done so, thankfully), we headed for the cable car and were on the hill before 10.00am.

It was colder than recently and in line with the early morning promise, the sun was shining.  After the rain and the wind though, the snow was pretty much bullet proof. Still, a sunny day is just that and needs to be used.

Mrs IS called it quits at lunchtime and I headed for Scheidegg.  The Eigernordwand lift was open for the first time this season, at least on the days I have skied, and Schwarzen, so often a wolf in sheep’s clothing was as kind as you like, with just about the best snow in the whole Region.

From Eigernordwand 

It’s not a sign of youth when you need to take your reading glasses with you on a skiing day, so you can read the ‘phone. Mine were back in Wengen, so I found myself logging into the North Cornwall District Council parking app whilst trying to check the weather for the next few days.  On the plus side, I can now leave my skis quite legally at Summerleaze Beach car park well into next week.

I would normally say, don’t take my sunshine away.  However, we really do need some snow.

The last three days have brought 19,950 vertical metres in 44 lift rides and 113 kilometres travelled.

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