Ear still attached

Yesterday brought more sunshine, but with the day being slightly colder than recently, all was well on the hill.

Every year over Christmas and the new year, the biggest sporting event in Switzerland seems a long way away.  However, the Lauberhorn weekend (the 90th edition this year) is almost upon us and in the afternoon yesterday the piste bashers were working away at the race course.

Today, it snowed on the tops and though it rained again in the village, it was all most welcome.  Late on, when the skiers had gone home largely, the sun shone through.

The sky clears

Ear still attached? Only just.

I have been reluctant always to wearing a skiing helmet, but was persuaded by Mrs IS a few years ago  that it was the best thing to do.  You know the type of persuasion, which involves making the original point, then saying nothing more on the subject until you give in and do as asked.

Yesterday, walking back to Central Sport, I took a resounding clip on the ear from the skis of a passing pedestrian.  Perhaps skiing helmets are of most use in the village. Apres ski helmets, perhaps.

Two days skiing have brought 15,726 vertical metres in 33 lift rides and 82 kilometres travelled.

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