Idle skiers

The Idle Skiers overslept this morning, so it was a dash for the cable car to make the most of yesterday’s new snow and a sunny morning.  Idle skiers indeed.

In the long queue for the cable car, we thought we might have done better taking our time. Everyman and his dog was trying get to the top of the hill.  In fact though, it didn’t quieten down much all day.   It was one of those manic early season days when everyone is skiing slightly too quickly and not really in control. The dog passed us several times.

The crowds meant moguls aplenty and some pretty icy snow at times.  The racecourse was open today for the first time this season and the going was good to fast.

The valley from Bumps, late on

Back in Wengen, the new year crowds have arrived.  It will be a busy week.  It is the same every year of course, but it comes as a surprise every time.

Skiline is being a bit slow tonight, so the scores will have to wait until tomorrow.  Sun is forecast again, so an early night and a generally more organised start to the day is needed.





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