Another day

Another day, another queue.  I made it to the cable car early enough, only to find a line of people stretching to Central Sport, or almost.  The cable car staff had things moving quickly though and it seemed like no time at all before I was able to join the back of the queue at the Mannlichen four man chair.

This proved a bit more intractable, with only two of the four gates working.  Words were spoken, in a number of languages, as we worked our way through to the chair.

It was a first rate day weather wise. The sun shone, the temperature hovered just above freezing and for a while around lunchtime, the crowds thinned.

From Tschuggen at lunchtime 

Weeks like this are essential for the village, but sometimes they are a struggle, with too many people looking to occupy the same bit of snow. I might go to Murren tomorrow; it will be busy, but less so I hope.

The last couple of days have brought 13,220 vertical metres in 31 lift rides and and 77 kilometres travelled. The queuing time is unrecorded.


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