New year

The new year brought solitude on the hill.  The good thing about New Year’s Eve is that the partying slows people down the following morning, to the point where that don’t get as far as the cable car at all.

It wasn’t at all quiet last night.  The fireworks went on and on and at midnight the church bells in Lauterbrunnen joined in as well.  I recall writing in similar terms last year. I am not normally this grumpy, honestly.  I do think though that any significance of new year has been lost in the chance to party until the cows come home. Or whatever is the equivalent phrase around here, given that the cows are at home all the time at the moment.

Anyway, grumpiness over, it was a good day’s skiing in sunny weather.  The day became colder as it went on and the rumour is there might be some snow soon, all of which is good news.

The reservoir at Wixi

I am not sure what to expect tomorrow.  Sun, probably.  Lots of people, maybe.  Anyway, the real world beckons in a few days, so I had better make the most of whatever comes along.

A good start to the new year brought 10,384 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 53 kilometres travelled.

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