Bank holiday

The bank holiday today, Berchtoldstag, came as a surprise; I am sure we should have noticed over the years, but we hadn’t.  Maybe it’s a whiteout normally and nobody turns up.

Berchtold founded Bern in the twelfth century.  The twelfth century.  It’s only shortly before then that recorded history is reliable at all; much earlier and you could make it up as you go along. However, the City exists and today its inhabitants came to ski.

From Gummi

It was one of those odd days, when the pistes seemed quiet, but every lift had a lengthy queue.  I am sure people ski as quickly as possible, just to wait in line for ten minutes or so at the next lift.

Plenty of waiting resulted in a paltry 7,071 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 40 kilometres travelled.

I don’t know what it will be like tomorrow.  Many people seemed to be leaving tonight, but maybe Murren would be a good bet again.  That would be the third visit in three weeks, which would be unprecedented for the Idle Skier.

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