Almost done

The rumour yesterday was as of some new snow overnight, but it didn’t happen.  The clouds of yesterday afternoon disappeared and the sun shone brightly again this morning.

The sunny start to the day saw every taxi in the village working overtime to take the last of the holiday makers to the station.  On the hill, a few of the local ski clubs turned up, but it was a quiet otherwise.

The Idle Skier ran into a friend this morning (not literally, I should add, after my recent collision with a snow boarder) and we embarked on a quick tour of the mountain.  Later on, the clouds turned up and for a while it all seemed very gloomy.

The clouds roll in

This trip is almost done; a quick scoot around the tops in the morning and it’s off to London for a couple of days.  The days seem to have rushed by here in Wengen, but I am sure time will slow to a crawl back in the real world.

The weather forecast is for more sun over the next few days.  We do need some snow though and if anyone can help in this regard, please contact the Wengen tourist office urgently.

The day brought 9,586 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 54 kilometres travelled.  

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