We would be struggling at the moment without the aid of technology, specifically snowmaking technology.

As I head for Zurich airport, the sun is shining brightly on Interlaken and but for the snow capped hills, it might be a summer’s day.  What is more, this weather seems set to continue for at least a week.

Still though, the skiing is pretty good, when it might be more or less non-existent.  This morning, the snow guns were working hard on the race course from Bumps to Inner Wengen and again from Allmend to the village.  They were working too on the slalom course, which didn’t look completely brown for the first time this season.

I was away bright and early this morning.  Cloud in the village gave way to clear skies at Mannlichen. There was some race training taking place, but otherwise it was quiet.

Early morning sun

A quick ski round the mountain and back to the village brought 3,315 vertical metres in 8 lift rides and 20 kilometres travelled.

With a little help from the snow cannon, it could be a good week to ski.  The skiing is pretty limited in London most of the time, however, so the Idle Skier is signing off for a few days.



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