In transit

We had a few friends round to the Idle Skiers’ place this evening.  It was a bit of a farewell as a number of them are leaving over the next few days, although all will return this season.

It’s a feature of life in a ski resort, or any other holiday destination for that matter,  you are always saying hello or goodbye. People come and go.  Sometimes, you don’t even notice that they have been away.  It’s easily done.  It is possible to go for weeks without seeing the people who are here all the time, so if anyone is missing for a while, you might think they are simply queuing in the Co-op.

The day was sunny and also warm, allegedly, though the Idle Skier still found three layers of clothes to be nigh on essential.  It was a soonish start to the morning and over the course of the day, the Idle Skiers’ group varied between two and five people at various stages.

From Wixi in the afternoon 

All was good, still, despite no new snow or even the prospect of any.  The weather forecasts show cloud tomorrow, but then it is sunny again for the next few days.

The racecourse is in great order and the slalom course is almost complete now, but all the snow is on the pistes. The back drop for the television cameras for next week’s Lauberhorn will not show Wengen at its best.

Another excellent day brought 10,005 vertical metres in 21 lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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