Beautiful day

Well that was unexpected.  The day was forecast as cloudy and the early morning was as grey and uninviting as might be expected.  As I left home, however, there was a hint of blue in the distance and by the time I had reached Mannlichen, the sun was shining down. It was a beautiful day.

The Idle Skiers had dinner at the home of friends this evening, so we know there are at least two other people in town.  Otherwise, the place is pretty much deserted.  There was a Europa Cup race on the Lauberhorn today, but that added only the starters in the race and their support teams to the numbers on the piste.

I have mentioned before that these races are watched by three men and a dog.  Last year, the dog had a previous engagement.  This year, all four of them gave the event a miss. I know the Europa Cup is only a stepping stone for the racers, but I am sure they would appreciate just a fraction of the World Cup crowds.

From Gummi

An interrupted day (unfortunately, the people from the day job know my phone number) brought 10,985 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 59 kilometres travelled.

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