The one thing a World Cup weekend does not need is fresh snow.  The racecourses should be icily fast.  The one thing we have not had since, well, before records began really, is fresh snow.

So the rumour of snow at the weekend may not be going down a storm (if you will pardon the pun) at the Lauberhorn race office.  Will the snow come?  It’s anyone’s guess around here. I wouldn’t want to be a local weather forecaster; it might snow here, but on the other hand, it might instead snow heavily in the south of Switzerland.

Anywhere else on the hill beyond the racecourses  and the white stuff (snow, that is) is welcome in any shape, size or form. To which end, the snow cannon have been working hard this weekend.

New snow at Mannlichen

Is there a ski resort with the perfect climate?  I doubt it, but it is not Wengen on any basis.  On the other hand though, today was good yet again.  It was chilly in the morning, but the sun shone brightly.  The skiing, with new man made snow,  was excellent and the hill was pretty much empty.

Skiline has caught up with yesterday, but Sunday is a day of rest clearly.  The scores for the last couple of days will come later in the week.

So much for the skiing; the Idle Skier has to immerse himself in the day job until Wednesday, so it is goodbye until then.



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