Piste bashing

It’s easy to complain.  Too cold, too windy, too much ice, too many skiers, too quiet (well maybe not the last one).  So tonight, all negative thoughts are banished.  The Idle Skier made it back on to the hill this morning after a couple of days tapping away at the keyboard of the office laptop.  It was a magnificent day.

It shouldn’t have been really.  It last snowed properly sometime last year, but despite  that the pistes are in really good condition.  It is all down to the pisteurs, who have done a fantastic job.

Ready to bash

It doesn’t seem an easy task, driving around the mountain at night.  It must take a strong will and a first rate knowledge of the hill.  A wrong turn would be tricky.

The Idle Skiers were out on the town again tonight, meeting up up with friends for Swiss tapas at the Eiger.  A very pleasant evening it was as well.  It might be time for a couple of quiet nights though, along with some extra sleep.  There is after all plenty of skiing which still needs to be done.

Skiline has finally caught up with life in Wengen.  The last three skiing days have brought 30,313 vertical metres in 65 lift rides and 154 kilometres travelled.

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