The tension builds

The first race of the Lauberhorn weekend, the Combined, is tomorrow.  Everything seems ready; the snow is as good as it can be; the racers have been practising on the course; the Co-op has stocked up on vodka and Red Bull; the portaloos have arrived (many by helicopter; only in Switzerland might this happen) and the weekenders have been pouring off the trains.  This small village is party central until Sunday.

For those of us on the hill today, this all passed us by of course.  It has been so quiet yet again.  One thing which did stand out though, someone has parked a Fiat 500 on the roof of the Start Bar.

Illegal parking?

It’s always busy down in Lauterbrunnen this weekend, so I suppose it is as good a place as any to leave the car.  As a bonus, there are probably not that many traffic wardens on the Lauberhorn.

It was another sunny day.  The Eigernordwand temperature reading claimed nine degrees centigrade at 2.30pm, but I think someone had lit a fire under the gauge.  It was not that warm and the snow was good all day.

An excellent skiing day brought 10,749 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and 54 kilometres travelled.

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