New snow

After a month without snow falling at all to speak of, and on the eve of Switzerland’s biggest sporting event, it is finally snowing again.

The forecast is that the snowfall will not be heavy and the odd thing is, everybody is hoping that the forecast will be correct.  As mentioned the other day, the one thing the Lauberhorn course does not need just before the race is new snow.   At least though, Wengen will look like a proper ski resort for the cameras; white rather than brown.

This evening, the draw for bib numbers for the downhill brought a lively crowd.  It is quiet compared with what is to come tomorrow, but the Co-op’s supply of  vodka still took a hammering.

Wengen at night

The sun shone again this morning and the Idle Skiers made the most of it. Mrs IS called it a day soon after lunchtime.  The sun disappeared as well and as the office still seem to have my phone number, the afternoon slowed to a crawl.

A sunny morning followed by an afternoon punctuated with phone calls brought 8,497 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 47 kilometres travelled.

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