Almost perfect

It did snow overnight, quite a bit in the end, and when the Idle Skiers woke this morning the piste bashers were working hard on the racecourse.  I am sure that they  had been doing so for several hours.

As hoped, Wengen looked like a ski resort again.  To make things better still, the skies were clearing and blue was already dominating grey.  When television coverage started sometime this morning, viewers around the world would have seen the perfect chocolate box image of an Alpine ski resort.

As ever, at least when the weather allows, the Swiss airforce, in the form of the Patrouille Suisse, along with Swiss Air, put on their hair raising display.  All was well.

Fly past

For the local support it was even better, with Swiss racer Beat Feuz winning the event for the third time since 2012.  The only disappointment was that the overnight snow shortened the course; part of the Lauberhorn story is that it is the longest World Cup race.  Still, an almost perfect day.

I did the usual thing and went skiing.  If you have seen one World Cup race, you have seen them all, even though this was the ninetieth edition.  There was after all plenty of fresh snow on a deserted Mannlichen in which to wallow around.

The day was my last for a while anyway.  Tomorrow, it is back to London for me and mid-week, I am off to the north of England to visit family.  Mrs IS is travelling as well in a few days, also to the family home.  It will be the end of next week before we reconvene in Wengen.

A solo day on Mannlichen, punctuated only by the sounds of jet aircraft, brought 6,160 vertical metres in 16 lift rides and 40 kilometres travelled.

So it is goodnight from Mrs IS and it is goodnight from me. I hope to pick up this story in ten days time.

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