A spring day

Countless times over the years skiing in Wengen, we have seen the sun shine in the morning and by midday, it has been grey and miserable. It’s not often that the converse happens, but today was one of those few days.

It had rained heavily overnight and first thing, the overcast and gloomy morning caused Mrs IS to pull the duvet tighter and leave me to it.  The first couple of runs were fairly gloomy as well, but then the sun showed up and by mid morning, it was a glorious day.

Towards Murren in the late morning 

It was a bit too glorious in fact and for a while, it seemed like a spring day.  The snow behaved accordingly, starting fairly crunchy after the rain and becoming sticky later on.  In the afternoon, the moguls grew on Wixi.  On the way home, the Hundschopf was as chopped up and as unpleasant as you could want. All in all, a good day’s skiing.

I always think of this week as being low season, but tonight when we ventured out for a friend’s birthday dinner at the Eiger (and very pleasant it was as well), Wengen, if not jumping, was at least hopping quickly.

There seems to be more rain forecast tomorrow, but it is always difficult to be sure about the weather around here.  We will see in due course.

The last day of January brought 10,130 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 52 kilometres travelled.

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