Ready for yesterday

It seems that on any skiing day, I am wearing the right amount of clothing for the weather from the previous day.  Yesterday was hotter than a day in June and I spent most of the day cooking at medium to well done.

So today, I left a couple of layers at home.  The chilly wind blowing at the top of the Mannlichen cable car was a disappointment therefore. If we ever have two consecutive days with the same weather, I am on to a winner.

It  was an odd Saturday.  Normally, you see the same familiar faces and the same ski clubs on a busy cable car.  Today, it was busy as usual, but there were no familiar faces and the local ski clubs were missing for the most part.  A few turned up from the Wengen Ski Club and the Bonigen equivalent was holding some race training, but that was just about it.

The weather returned to its normal pattern. The sun shone in the morning and the cloud followed later.  Most of the early skiers disappeared with the sun and by early afternoon, all was quiet.  Late on the sun made a belated reappearance.

From Wixi as the sun returned

I have made the basic error this evening of looking at the weather forecast. It is pretty grim reading, with yet more wind forecast.  We had a foretaste on Wixi just before closing time for the lifts this afternoon, with a strong wind, rain and even some hail.  There are days when a Lancashire upbringing is useful.

A day of mixed weather brought 8,534 vertical metres in 19 lift rides and 44 kilometres travelled.


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