It has rained all day, just about, and is raining still as I write.  This morning, dawn didn’t break, it just limped over the horizon, so the sky was slightly less grey than it had been a few minutes earlier.  

This funny old winter continues.  Tomorrow looks no better weather wise, but then cold temperatures and snow are forecast later in the week.

Despite the miserable day, the cable car was full first thing this morning and for a couple of hours, Mannlichen was as busy as any Sunday in February might be. What is more, the snow was in great condition and the skiing belonged to a far nicer day than we had.

Inevitably though, the weather took it toll and by the early afternoon, most people had left the mountain.

Wixi, deserted

Back in Wengen this evening, the bars were busy.  It  is not always the case on a bad weather day; sometimes everyone just goes home, but today the Six Nations rugby kept people out on the town.

A wet, windy day with surprisingly good snow brought 8,303 vertical metres in 18 lift rides and 46 kilometres travelled.

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