Mid term weather report

Must try harder.  Occasional outstanding days with snow and cold, sunny days, but generally a lack of application. Too much time spent idling with rain and grey skies.

This morning seemed to presage another poor day.  The early morning lift report suggested only Arven and Lauberhorn would be open at the top.  Mannlichen was closed for sure.

I thought I might head to Murren; at least the lifts are covered at Winteregg and Schiltgrat.  However, when I reached Wengen station, the board indicated Wixi was open, so I hopped on the train for Scheidegg.  Even better on reaching Scheidegg,  Honegg and Eigernordwand were opening as well.

As a further bonus, the snow overnight had at least covered some of the bare ridges. It snowed all day, but the wind blew as well, so that for a while, the only lift open was Eigernordwand.

Mid afternoon, worried that Eigernordwand and even the railway might shut, with the inevitable long trip down to Zweilutschinen if caught on the wrong side of the hill, I took the ridge past the reservoir to Scheidegg.

Kleine Scheidegg in the afternoon

If Scheidegg ever looks beautiful, it wasn’t today.  In the end, I gave up on the peaks and had a few runs alongside Bumps T bar. I wasn’t alone and the man who looks after the bottom station of the lift had a busier day than usual.

A snowy, windy and cold day brought 6,124 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 41 kilometres travelled.

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