All things

All things come to those who wait.  It is true we have been waiting for some time  around the Jungfrau region, particularly for a decent snow fall.  Last night we were rewarded; it snowed heavily.

Although the new snow was deep here in Upper Lauterbrunnen, I expected it would not be enough on the mountain after so much wind.  However, when I reached Mannlichen this morning, there were already many fresh tracks cut into the off piste. The hill was in great condition given the last few days of warm wind.  Yes, more snow would help, but it is a start and it is forecast to snow next week. To make things better, the sun shone brightly on a cold day.

From Wixi in the afternoon 

Mrs IS had a commitment in Interlaken today and missed out on the best day for a while.  Tomorrow looks promising as well though, so an early night is needed.

A better day than could have been hoped for brought 10,420 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 54 kilometres travelled.

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