Skiing on a wing and a prayer

It has been sunny and bright today, cold in the morning and warming as the day went on. The Idle Skiers were on an early cable car and we made the most of an excellent morning.

The weather looks settled for a couple of days only.  Snow would be fine, and some is forecast, but Meteo Swiss predicts that the winds will blow again at the start of next week as well.

Towards Murren

I have mentioned before tourists visiting the Jungfrau and venturing out onto the mountain for the first time ever, with rented gear and on a wing and a prayer. This  winter such adventurers have been thinner on the ground than fresh snow.

Today, however, five people in identical Buri Sport jackets and helmets (something of a theme as far as this subject is concerned) were making a go of it at Scheidegg. I would hazard a guess that the boarder had some experience under his belt and he was definitely the instructor in the group, but the skiers were new to the game.  A give away, for one of them at least, was that he tried to put his skis on the wrong way around.  I wouldn’t mind really, it is their own choice, but then again, I would not want to be in the way if any of them managed to stand up and reach a decent turn of speed.

Tonight, the DHO, the British ski club in Wengen, celebrates its 95th anniversary at the Hotel Regina.  I am sure the place will be jumping, though the evening is planned to go on beyond the Idle Skiers’ bed time so we will not see the aftermath in the bars later on.

An excellent, sunny day brought 10,659 vertical metres in 23 lift rides and and 56 kilometres travelled.

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