Three days

The other day, I would have been happy with forty eight hours of similar weather. Suddenly, though, it is like buses on Piccadilly, with sunny days queuing up; we have had three in a row now and tomorrow looks promising as well.

Today, it seemed that everyone between here and Berne realised their work would wait until Monday and the lift queues were long on Mannlichen in the morning. It’s a shame the office couldn’t reach the same conclusion; it seems the phone rang at every turn on the hill. 

Honegg in the afternoon

As always though, lunchtime slowed things down. The lure of the sunny terrace is just too much for all but the truly addicted. Even London forgot to phone for a while.  Tomorrow should be really busy though. The ski clubs have been missing for a week or two, so I am sure they will all be on the hill bright, early and in strength of numbers. A safe refuge in Murren maybe?

A sunny, at times crowded, phone interrupted day brought 10,330 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 50 kilometres travelled.

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