Difficult day

I was wrong about the ski clubs; they were missing again today for the most part.  Bonigen ski club had organised more race practice, but that was it.  The Wengen ski school demo team was on the mountain, in matching kit, practising to make their skiing match as well.

The ski schools demo event is towards the end of each season and attended by ski school instructors from across Switzerland.  Grindelwald has hosted the event twice in my memory of the area, but not Wengen.  Why would you want several hundred instructors in your resort at the end of the season, when all they want to do is spend money in the bars and restaurants?

Even without the ski clubs, the lift queues were long.  It was a difficult sort of day; the gates on a couple of lifts were not working properly and the skiers were grumpy. I skied down to the village early and then found my flight tomorrow to London had been cancelled. In fact, it doesn’t look like many flights at all will get off the ground until Monday.

At midday 

The wind is set to return to Wengen as well early in the week, so for me, it is a case of trying to be where the weather is at its least inclement.  Fingers crossed.

The best skiing in the world doesn’t run without hiccups and today a short, irritable day brought only 5,223 vertical metres in 12 lift rides and 31 kilometres travelled.

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