I have been away for a couple of days and a few things seem to have gone missing in my absence.

Firstly, the Fiat 500 has gone from the roof of the Start Bar (hopefully not blown away), secondly the notice board and tool station from the top of the Innerwengen chair lift (probably blown away; although it was replaced by this evening) and thirdly any amount of snow from the exposed faces of the mountain (definitely blown away).

The one thing that is not missing is the wind, which has blown all week, closing more or less everything on Monday and Tuesday and making a good effort at doing this same 

Yesterday, there was a suspicion of a decent skiing day, although it was cold and blustery.

Grey with a hint of blue yesterday

Today, things started well (despite an office induced late cable car), but by early afternoon it had become miserable.  Most lifts closed on Scheidegg and for a while it seemed it might be the worst weather of the week.

The sun struggling to shine this morning

Tonight, there might be some snow and tomorrow, sunshine and no wind. Here’s hoping.

Two days shortened by travel, work and weather have brought 11,775 vertical metres in 31 lift rides and 69 kilometres travelled.  




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