Name, rank and number

As expected, the queue this morning at the cable car was out of the door of the building and some way towards Central Sport. It moved quickly though and in no time at all seemingly I was skiing. The first queue at the Mannlichen chair was long also, but after that the crowds disappeared.

I do wonder sometimes; if you are paying half term flight and hotel prices for a skiing holiday, why not ski as much as possible?  Certainly more than one run, anyway.  By early afternoon the mountain was empty of people.  More holiday makers arrived tonight, possibly delayed by the weather in the U.K. yesterday. Maybe tomorrow will be different.

Most hire skis around here have the name of the hirer on the tips.  It makes it easier to find unfamiliar kit outside a restaurant or in a hotel ski room.  I noticed this morning in the cable car queue that a British company which has brought people to the Lauterbrunnen valley for many years has gone one step further.

The skis have not only the hirer’s name, but confirmation of ski length and pole length as well.  In addition, they comment on the skier’s ability: “Intermediate: confident on blues”, and so on.  I thought, why not add more?  Possibly, for example: “Likes a glass of Merlot. No sprouts.”  In time, it might render all conversation redundant.


Blue sky breaking through 


The day started with a hazy sun, became rather gloomy by mid day and late on the sun shone brightly. Tomorrow seems a day of mixed fortunes, with some rain forecast.  For me, the next couple of days are working days, so it will be Wednesday before I pick up this story again.

Another quiet day brought 10,282 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 52 kilometres travelled.

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