Spring all day

The sun turned up as promised this morning and inevitably the queue for the cable car was formidable. I tend to think though that people don’t come on a skiing holiday anymore; it is just another tick in the box of life and a couple of runs fulfils all hopes and expectations. By early afternoon, it was as quiet as the grave yet again on most runs. Honegg in particular seemed to have been abandoned.  Things picked up, in terms of the number of skiers, on the way home.

From Honegg in the afternoon

Maybe it is for the best that people ski only for a while each day. We don’t want them wearing out what little snow we have.  The season has a couple of months to run, but the covering is pretty thin.  Of course, the sun is getting higher in the sky as well, so what the skiers do is not that important; nature will take its course.  A polite request to the weather gods: more snow please, with some cold days, and quickly.

A sunny day (but with a welcome chilly wind) brought 10,202 vertical metres in 22 lift rides and 51 kilometres travelled.


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