Summer all day

This morning, the ski room at Central Sport was full, but mainly with people packing their skis and boots and heading to the station. The Idle Skiers were on their way early, and once the boot bags had been negotiated, it was plain sailing on to the cable car by 9.30am.

The demo team was practicing its stuff again, but the ski clubs stayed away, except for the Wengen version, which had races on Bumps; anyway, Mannlichen was nice and empty.

Towards Grindelwald 

The sun shone all day and at Eigernordwand in the afternoon, it claimed to be thirteen degrees.  The skiing was first rate though, despite the heat. It was bit stodgy on the way to the village, but nothing you wouldn’t expect in April!

I am on my way to London in the morning and it was a good way to sign off for a few days. It will be sunny for a day or so more, but then possibly a decent amount of snow will fall.  We will see.

A glorious day brought 10,327 vertical metres in 23 sunny lift rides and 55 kilometres travelled.

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