All seasons

I made it on to the 8.15am cable car as planned.  It wasn’t full, but there was a decent turn out.  At Mannlichen, there was a slight chill at that time in the morning. It still seemed like winter, or just about.

Last night, I had taken the briefest of glances at the weather forecast and was expecting cloud with a bit of sunshine, which turned out to be the case early on. The sun lingered though, despite which few skiers arrived.  The Dutch holidays have ended, but the local skiers were missing yet again as well.  Except of course for the Bonigen ski club, who turn up for race training whatever happens.

What I hadn’t noticed though, when I checked the forecast, was that the wind, our familiar friend this season, was due on the scene again.  By early afternoon it was blowing nicely at Honegg and the fresh snow from two days ago was heading for Engelberg via Grindelwald.

Early morning 

It was warm as well as windy and as the lifts at Scheidegg closed down, I made a stodgy return to Wengen.  I haven’t looked at the forecast for tomorrow.  I will see what the morning brings. Now in the evening the wind seems to have tailed off for today, at least down here in Upper Lauterbrunnen.

An early start and great conditions in the morning brought 12,095 vertical metres in 27 lift rides and 64 kilometres travelled.


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