The world outside

Today, the wind stayed away, but so did the sunshine. It started murky and remained so for most of the day.  The sun tried to break through in the afternoon, but it was a forlorn hope and the clouds won in the end.

The brightest point in the day

It is not often the world outside pricks the Wengen bubble; the village carries on pretty much as usual whatever is happening beyond Lauterbrunnen railway station.

Even the current health crisis, quite real down the road in Italy, has passed us by for the most part. Finally though, in some small measure, the rest of the world has made its presence felt.

The Waschbar, a small open air bar on the side of Bumps, had its Bermuda party planned for this weekend, but it has been cancelled.  The Co-op has hand sanitiser at the door, though I am sure that is true of every branch in Switzerland. The cable car this morning was taking fewer passengers per journey than normal, though that might be for any number of reasons.  Still, things are not quite as usual, and for once it is not the foehn wind which is responsible.

Tomorrow promises new snow; whether there will be new skiers is anybody’s guess. Myself, I think the Bonigen ski club will turn up for race training whatever else might be happening in the world.

A truly grey day brought 8,993 vertical metres in 20 lift rides and 48 kilometres travelled.

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