Fast and furious

I made it back to Wengen today bright and early.  Well it was bright down here in the village, but at Mannlichen, when I decanted myself from the cable car in the early afternoon, it was like a London pea souper of days past; visibility could be measured in inches.  Jack the Ripper could have been out there and no one would have noticed.

The weather around here is a touch on the fickle side though and within no time at all, the sun showed up and the Eiger was bathed in Spring sunshine.


Early afternoon

The cloud didn’t disappear entirely and it was still poorish visibility on Wixi at the end of the day, but the afternoon was rescued.

These days technology dominates everything, including skiing. So skiers travel much faster than thirty years ago, whatever their ability; the skis do the work.  All of which makes people reckless. This afternoon, heading out of the Punch Bowl towards the tunnel to Arven and Eigernordwand, I was smeared off the piste by an out of control German skier.  Skiing is fast and furious now and you need to be careful out there.

A shortish, slightly painful, afternoon brought 4,716 vertical metres in ten lift rides and 27 kilometres travelled.

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