The birds fly low

Early on this morning, the birds were flying low in the valley.  This is never a hopeful sign for the day’s skiing and sure enough, the wind was blowing strongly at Mannlichen, as usual it seems these days.

It is a friend’s fiftieth birthday today and a barbecue was planned for the top of the cable car.  The weather’s attempt to gate crash the party moved things to Wengenalp, which turned out to be excellent.  The sun shone, we were sheltered from the wind and passing skiers looked on enviously at grilling meat and cold beers.

Wengenalp in party mode

This is the strangest winter. The world outside the Jungfrau Region moves everyday closer to chaos and, here, things carry on largely as normal so far, though the weather is consistent only in the fact that we rarely have more than a couple of days alike.

Clouds held back

Today was a good day. Tonight, rain is forecast.  What the next couple of weeks might bring, weather wise or otherwise, is anyone’s guess.

A sunny, windy day, highlighted by hotdogs, brought 5,179 vertical metres in 13 lift rides and 32 kilometres travelled.


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