This is the end

The end of the season came more quickly than we thought possible even yesterday.  The season ended today.  Almost all ski resorts in Switzerland closed last night, but following what seems to have been an administrative blunder, the Jungfrau Region managed one more day.

The game is up: Wixi in the early afternoon

By early afternoon, we knew the game was up. We were skiing the last runs of the season and it was time to make the most of them.

The irony was difficult to ignore.  On a day when the wind didn’t blow, when the temperature dropped, when the snow was good all day and when snow fell steadily for a few hours, Wengen closed.


New  snow on Wixi

People turned up to ski of course, although without realising probably that it was the last day of the season, several weeks ahead of schedule.  Bonigen Ski Club failed to show up for the first time this winter; it is a long time until their next ski day.

This evening, we have heard from friends hoping to ski in Alpe d’Huez this week; they have made it to the resort, but the prospects of putting skis on snow don’t seem to be good.

A winter’s day, the final one for the addled season of 2019 – 2020, brought 11,208 vertical metres in 25 lift rides and 58 kilometres travelled.

The season’s tally was 64 skiing days, rustling up 514,312 vertical metres in 1,183 lift rides and 2,819 kilometres travelled.

I have borrowed some touring skis from a friend and neighbour.  I have a couple of days focussed on the office lap top coming up, but let’s see what mid week brings.

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