Once more

Life here is very different to even a few days ago.  Save for essential businesses, food shops, the pharmacy and a few others, the rest of the shops along with bars, hotels and restaurants have closed.  At the moment, it seems difficult to imagine when they might reopen and, for the hotels in particular, where their customers might come from.  

Skiing ended on Saturday, but today was one more skiing day, a touring day, the first ever for the Idle Skier.  We are normally gone from Wengen before the touring season kicks in at the end of the season.  However, it is definitely the end of the season now and the weather is in full support of that. It seemed like summer today.

It was only a small trip out, starting at the old hotel Hirschen in the morning and ending there in the early afternoon.  In between times, we made it to Wengenalp via Mettlenalp.  A few hours skinning up for ten minutes skiing home.

Towards Mettlenalp

It was worthwhile though. The mountains were beautiful, there were just half a dozen other skiers and below Wengenalp, a white hare bounded by, the first I have seen in thirty years of skiing in Wengen.

A final day in the sun brought 600 vertical metres in zero lift rides and an uncertain number of kilometres travelled.

One thought on “Once more

  1. Just to let you know, we all got repatriated back to blighty by an Italian bus and two drivers, it took 26 hours to get back to Manchester with a wait of 4 hours for a changeover in folkestone. We are safe and well back at home and self isolating.
    The world has changed in a week and not to sure what is going to happen for the future.


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