Home again

Today was a beautiful spring day when the Idle Skiers flew into London bright and early, with the sun shining and the sky a brilliant blue. We are home again and will be here for some time, as the Government has this evening announced the “lockdown” of the U.K.

A Spring day in London

Yesterday was the strangest day; our flight was cancelled, but the rebooking was for early this morning, so we were forced to head for Zurich anyway.  During our four hours travelling, we saw, possibly, fifty people.  Switzerland had gone into hibernation.

Fortunately, the airport hotel was still open.  There was one person working at the reception and a few other guests, but it was spookily quiet. London this morning was different as always; it was buzzing still, less so than normal, but a marked contrast to Berne and Zurich, which of course is the problem.

The Foreign Office has recommended today that all British subjects head home now, on the basis that it might not be possible at all in a few days time.  

We wonder what the next few weeks will bring.

2 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Hi Mr and Mrs IS it’s great to see that your back in blighty! I’m on self isolation for the next 12 weeks as I have CKD so am grounded to house and garden for the duration. Waiting for a surface pro to work from home.

    Take care of yourselves and keep in touch.
    Rachel, Ian and the Crawley’s


  2. Spookily quiet in Wengen too. We’ve decided to stay for the time being – we’ve so far had two U.K. flights cancelled; we have another booked for Saturday but on balance we feel safer here. Boris’s speech on the telly last night didn’t make the UK sound too tempting.


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