Is that all?

After a few months away, I was by necessity forced to the supermarket yesterday.  After all the press comment on shops being stripped bare, the shelves were fuller than expected. It can be worse on a normal Sunday.

Only daffodils 

As I made my way around the supermarket, I thought I would buy Mrs IS some flowers, it being Spring and all that.  When I reached home, I took them in first, so they weren’t crushed. Mrs IS was crestfallen; “Is that all” she said, imagining a diet of daffodils for the week.  All I can say is, you do your best.

We are though starting from ground zero in terms of food supplies and with the supermarkets rationing what you can buy, we might yet be eating the flowers. 

One thought on “Is that all?

  1. Bon Appetit ! Think yourselves lucky, there are no flowers to buy here and I’m lost without tulips! Mx

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