Seven days later

The Idle Skiers have been back in the Smoke for a week now.  Except, it’s not the Smoke at all anymore.  The number of people travelling each day has dropped to a fraction of normal times.  Here in Putney, we are at the junction of the South Circular Road and a major road to the A3; traffic and pollution are facts of life.  Overhead, planes head into Heathrow in a more or less constant stream.

Central London has been quiet for a few days, but today the first time there was a real difference in the suburbs.  The roads were almost deserted.  We saw one plane taking off from Heathrow to the north east.  I am sure there were more, but Putney too is quietened.

A clear night in Putney

The weather has been mixed for the last couple of days, with rain interspersed by sunshine; yesterday afternoon it sleeted for a while. Tonight though, the clouds have cleared and in their place, a crescent moon shines brightly.

Our horizons have shrunk to home, mixed with a quick dash to the supermarket and the occasional run on Putney Heath.  The internet means that work continues for me almost as normal, despite everything.  We need more life skills though. An ability to cut hair would be a good start.

One thought on “Seven days later

  1. Hair cutting skills would leave you well employed in Wengen, except,you wouldn’t be allowed to employ them. Very quiet here, and we all need a coiffure.


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