28 days later

For those in the front line of this pandemic, it must be the most testing of times. For the rest of us though, it is not so much “keep calm and carry on” as “keep calm and do nothing very much”.

We have been in London for almost a month now.  The days pass quickly, quite remarkably so. The minutiae of daily life keeps us occupied and we have most definitely caught up on our reading. On the other hand, it seems an eternity since we landed back in the U.K.  Time seems to have speeded up and slowed simultaneously. 

Putney is quieter with each passing day.  The high street looks like an Edwardian photograph, with just a few cars and buses in sight.  London squirrels and foxes have always been pretty confident animals, but now they strut the town as if they own the place.  Even the wild flowers are making their way off the Heath and taking root in suburban gardens.

How does my garden grow?

Today has been a working day and tomorrow is the same.  As for Wednesday, I have checked my diary and I see that I have pencilled in tidying my sock drawer.

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