Any given Monday

This morning, I was talking on the phone to a colleague who lives nearby when a plane went overhead; we shouted “plane” simultaneously. A single flight caused as much excitement as when the Wright brothers took to the air in 1903.

On any given Monday, in fact any day of the week, in times past (is it really only a few weeks) the planes headed over Putney and into Heathrow so frequently that three would be visible at any one moment.  The long haul flights would come in during the the very early morning, followed by the European commuter traffic and so on through the day.  As I write, in the mid evening, the flight paths would be busy still, but tonight the sky is empty.

An empty sky

It is not the only plane we have seen in the last few weeks of course, but I have wondering all day where this one came from and who was on it.

On the ground in Putney, we continue with the “new normal”. Meals seem to have become more important and comfort food is high on the list.   In the last few days, we have had steak and mushroom pudding and chocolate cake.  It is a good job we are running most days, otherwise, when we ever exit this lockdown, we would have to do so sideways.



3 thoughts on “Any given Monday

    1. Hope all is well with you both.

      I always use Delia Smith’s steak and kidney pudding recipe. I had to substitute mushrooms for kidneys this time as you can get what you can get at the moment.

      The recipe is online at her website. The suet might be a bit tricky to get in Switzerland.


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